Sony J5

Datasuite QN-3DS

What's the Latest News?
This is an email I received (16/07/01). Things are looking better!

Dear ?????
Thank you for your enquiry.
The Data Suite QN-3DS is due to be launched at the end of July beginning of August. Unfortunately we do not have an exact date at this present moment in time.
If however you have any further queries in the future please do not hesitate
in contacting us or the team on 08705 111 123.
Best regards
Sony Careline Technical Support Team

Old News!
This is an email I received (28/06/01)This also appears to be a standard letter that MobileShop are sending, as two parties have now sent me this.

"I have been asking for this item for months now and every time it comes round to the date I have been given by my suppliers it passes and they come up with another date. I asked again yesterday and got my supplier to get me a definite date he came back with the answer that Sony has now stopped making the data software and cables (so has Ericsson). The only reason that we can think of for this is because the two companies have merged together and they are trying to get the software to work with both Sony and Ericsson products (this is not for definite). So as far as I can see now I won't be able to get these products either permanently or for the foreseeable future.I do apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused."

More info required
If you have any more news/updates relating to the Sony Datasuite QN-3DS then please contact me so I can keep you all informed.