Sony J5

Faster Power Down
When doing a 'power down' of your J5, press and hold the power button to bypass the menu.

Enable Backlight when Locked
After locking up the keyboard, press the green button. The display will be illuminated for a couple of seconds. Don't touch the phone and wait until the light fades off. Then, when there's an incoming call, the display light will turn on even the keyboard is locked. This does not apply to Firmware 5.1.1 and later

Speed Dialling
After adding your most popular contacts to the 1 to 10 positions in the phonebook, you can speed dial by pressing 1# and green dial button, where 1 can be any number.

Custom SMS Templates
Because of the large storage space in the J5 phone book you can add some entries called "Template A", "Template B" etc. Within these entries you can add notes as well as numbers. Then these can be accessed from the SMS menu during the creation of a message by pressing the central button.

Pause In Number
Press and hold the * key when dialling and you will get a "P" for pause. This is useful for adding numbers to your phone book etc. especially for switchboard use.

Better Menu Navigation
Within the menus, press and hold the jog dial to move back as an alternative to the red end call key.

Saving words to predictive text dictionary
Turn off T9 by holding the * key, type your word, turn on T9 by holding the * key. Your word should appear next time to type it.

Saving numbers from within text messages
If you receive a message like, (My other number is 0789012345678) you can save this number to your phone book. Reply to the message, edit the number to "0789012345678" and save the message to your outbox. Now open the message and choose call back and you should see 2 numbers. Select 0789012345678 and choose save. Generally, it makes more sense to try and get into the habbit of sending numbers surounded by double qoutes.

Activating Loudspeaker
During conversation push the switch underneath the jog dial up. Repeating this will de-activate the Loudspeaker. Alternatively push the wap button and then scroll down and select the loudspeaker.

Accessing Email
Make two new favourites in your WAP favourites:

One named: "Send Mail"
URL: "mailto:///?docid=3578FPM"

One named: "Read Mail"
URL: "mail://"

(all without the " of course)

You now can enter your e-mail functions via the WAP favourites which is much easier then via the extras menu I think. Everything that makes the phone go online is now in one menu activated by the central WAP button.